Off Grid System

Off Grid System | Off Grid System


Completely independent of the grid, the solar system is directly connected to a battery which stores the electricity generated and acts as the main power supply. An inverter can be used to provide AC power, enabling the use of normal appliances without mains power.

Photovoltaic systems have a number of merits and unique advantages over conventional power-generating technologies. PV systems can be designed for a variety of applications and operational requirements, and can be used for either centralised or distributed power generation. PV systems have no moving parts, are modular, easily expandable and even transportable in some cases


Off Grid System | Off Grid System
Off Grid System | Off Grid System
Off Grid System | Off Grid System
Off Grid System | Off Grid System


Our Off Grid System Projects

The Pink Geranuim, Muldersvlei, Large Nursery | gordon's bay The Pink Geranuim, Muldersvlei, Large Nursery

Eskom was charging the client over R100 000 to get power from their location to another which was not within the clients estimated budget. We produced a 1000W PV system. All lights run 12V DC and...


The Pink Geranuim, Muldersvlei, Large Nursery saved R78 000 with one of our custom off grid designed PV systems.
Pink Geranium Upgraded | off Pink Geranium Upgraded

A larger scale upgrade on the already completed project at the Pink Geranium in Muldersvlei. We increase the 250watt solar array to a 500watt solar array, which increased the lectricity load on...


Pink Geranium Upgraded is now running completely off-grid, and therefore is not dependant on Eskom
Rooiels Off-Grid PV System | Rooiels Rooiels Off-Grid PV System

The project included the fitiing of 18 250watt solar panels. The house would have been to expensive to get electricity from the grid on to the farm and therefore an off-grid system was a neccesity...


Rooiels Off-Grid PV System is now completely off-grid and is not relient on Eskom for electricity
De Doorns Game Farm | De doorns De Doorns Game Farm

We installed 6 250watt panels, a solar charger/inverter and 2 200amp hour as part of this Game Farm which had difficulty getting power to the far reac hing ends of the farm. It was just not...


De Doorns Game Farm is now reaching all of it's specific entities without the need for Eskom electricity

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