PV Systems

The word photovoltaic is a marriage of the words 'photo', which means light, and 'voltaic', which refers to the production of electricity. Photovoltaic technology generates electricity from light.

GGHS set criteria before we develop a PV system. Our process goes through a series of stages;

-Feasibility of Installation

Only once these checks have been fully completed do we move forward with the project.

The advantages of fitting a Grid-type solar system without battery backup includes;

1) Produce your own electricity during daylight hours.
2) Increase your property value.
3) System can be removed should the need arise.
4) Great return on investment.
5) Eskom in the near future is going to allow grid tariffs i.e.should you be generating to much electricity it will be fed into their grid and you will be reimbursed on a rate to be determined.
6) Contributing to a cleaner environment.
7) Figures based on an annual increase in the cost electricity of 8% per year very conservative return should be quicker.
8) Can add batteries to system at a later stage if required. (Erratic Grid)


PV Systems
PV Systems
Grid Tied Solar System
PV Systems


Our PV Systems Projects

The Pink Geranuim, Muldersvlei, Large Nursery | gordon's bay The Pink Geranuim, Muldersvlei, Large Nursery

Eskom was charging the client over R100 000 to get power from their location to another which was not within the clients estimated budget. We produced a 1000W PV system. All lights run 12V DC and...


The Pink Geranuim, Muldersvlei, Large Nursery saved R78 000 with one of our custom off grid designed PV systems.

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